Helping You To
Your School!

A school management service that comes free with an app that allows parents and teacher to communicate better.

A simple to use school management system which benefits all three most important parties surrounding a children’s early development, The School, The Teachers and The Parents. Simplifying complicated school management tasks creating more time to focus on students, improving the quality of education of your institute.

For School

A simple management tool that helps you run your school effortlessly.

For Parents

Have information regarding your child at school wherever you go!

For Teachers

Have the database of your student and communicate with parents wherever you are!

School : Everything You Need To Run A School In One Webpage.

Staying Organized
Improving work efficiency with an organized student database that saves tons of time which leads to a higher quality of education.

Improving Overall Security
Tracking and receiving school fees without putting children at risk via online payment that is secured. Easily track both paid and unpaid fees.

Becoming Smarter
With the rising trend of using e-learning system, a smarter management system is needed to complement it.

Parents : Reviewing Your Child’s Day At School With Just One Application.

Involving You In Your Child’s Community
Knowing exactly what and who they are seeing to ensure their safety.

Bringing Parents To The Classroom
A quick way of keeping parents informed which leads to better quality of early childhood development.

A Positive Culture
This app will help kids that are struggling to keep up with school tasks so that they won’t feel neglected.

Teachers : Having Your Class In Your Phone Wherever You Go.

Simple Timetabling
Easily track your teaching timetable.

Class Attendance
A fast way of taking and tracking student’s attendance.

Make targeted announcement to students.

Why Favor School?

Making Your School A More Efficient Place And Bringing It To The Next Level!

Improving Quality
Of Education

With the amount of time saved by using our management system, more time can be spent on improving the quality of education of your institute.

Simple And
Clean UI

Our main focus here is improving efficiency. Our simple UI allows our user to navigate through it quickly.

Comes With A
Mobile App

Our Management System comes with a phone app that allow easier communication between parents and teacher. Also allows parents and teacher to have data of students wherever they go.


The features included in the homepage of our phone application:

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